Rising above the crowd is hard.

From crystalizing your message in a meaningful way to understanding the publishing landscape and knowing how to maximize the impact and influence of your content in the market.

We’re here to help.

Founded and run by Alicia Simons, A. Simons Consulting, LLC works with thought leaders and current and aspiring business authors to put them on a path towards their book, brand, and business goals. In each case, Alicia works to demystify what it takes to rise above and create the action plan to set her clients up for long-term success.

Each plan is custom designed with your unique goals in mind.

Alicia’s hands-on approach helps you:

Navigate the Publishing Process

Alicia works both early in the publishing process with authors to help make decisions about the right publishing path for them as well as collaboratively with authors and their publishers during the publishing process on all marketing needs for the book. On a limited basis, Alicia is available to help clients develop book proposals and make introductions to potential publishers or agents.

Define Your Market Value Proposition

Good positioning needs to be concise, compelling, differentiated, and understandable. Alicia works with each of her clients to develop their strongest value proposition considering area of work and competitive space. This work is approached with the following questions in mind, all of which are critical components of effective marketing communication:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problem do you solve for them?
  • What is the market urgency for this idea:why now?
  • Why are you the best voice to deliver this message to the market?
  • How do you do your work and why is your approach more effective than other options?
  • What is your audience better equipped to do after engaging with you (your “promise”)?
  • What (who) comprises the competitive landscape from a work and publishing perspective?

The answers to these core questions become the strategic and language foundation for all ongoing promotion including website copy, keynote descriptions, bio, network outreach and more.

Assess and Elevate Your Platform

In this area of work, Alicia will review her client’s existing audience-facing platform and offer specific recommendations about what and how to improve in alignment with each client's specific goals.

This includes a review of websites, speaking platform, social media presence, and any other online channels or audience-facing materials the client presently deploys. She will additionally recommend any additional assets, tools, or tactics that will add value to the client's existing platform and marketing efforts.

Develop Your Book Launch Marketing Plan

Alicia partners with each client to create a customized marketing plan around their book launch. She offers pragmatic advice and clearly explains what needs to be done when, why, and how, and lays out the post-launch “steady state.”

Mobilize Your Network

Mobilizing the author’s network is arguably the most important step to achieving an author’s goals. For each author, Alicia creates a custom outreach plan that harnesses the power of her client’s network and skillfully leverages every bit of value it holds.

Alicia works as an advisor or as a hands-on partner to get the work done.
Custom services also available.

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“Alicia was an amazing partner to me in all phases in the launch of my new book—I could not have launched without her. She does it all with a blend of professionalism tinged with special charm and humor. She is a delight to work with and the results are outstanding.”

deborah kolb, expert in negotiation, leadership & gender, speaker, bestselling author, and advisor to today's leading executive women